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Final Focus ™ offers hourly coaching appointments, 1/2 day individual strategy sessions, and multi-day retreats, for businesses, organizations, political candidates and executives and can provide our continuing services through a retainer package that fits the needs of our clients.

We can host clients in our South Florida office located in Fort Lauderdale, or we can travel to accommodate our clients. With over twenty consultants, we can provide our clients with a coach or coaching team to provide support services for speech writing, editing, researching, media engagements, interviewing preparation, murder boards, strategic messaging, development of sound bites, speech delivery, debates, and preparing clients for impromptu and extemporaneous speaking situations. Final Focus ™ will craft your ideas into persuasive advocacy, correctly positioning your message to get the desired results.

Final Focus ™ provides our clients with skills that better equip them to work with any senior advisor or specialist. Our training eliminates the need for relying on micromanaging strategists, and empowers the client to take control of their advocacy. Even our most seasoned debate clients find that being challenged by a team of elite trained debaters assists in advancing stronger argumentation strategies and more profound messages.

The Importance of Speech and Debate Training

Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate
- Hubert Humphrey

Politics, business, education and everyday life are based around meaningful debate and discussion. Debate is not to be misconstrued as adversarial, but rather it is skillful. We believe that with debate training a person can use their polished skills and strategies to present innovative, concise, eloquent and persuasive messages. In many instances it is not about winning the argument, but rather about becoming strategically trained to make a long-lasting impression that genuinely appeals to your targeted audience.

The skills that our clients learn enable them to reach their desired audience, persuade, and advocate for a cause, or a campaign, or to engender a skill set to advance their everyday speaking capabilities.



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