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Approach and Methodology

Final Focus ™ has a methodology that is highly individualized to meet the needs of each client. Upon conducting an initial assessment, Final Focus ™ consultants will craft an approach to building upon the client's strengths and will develop a series of scenarios and exercises modified to your unique advocacy needs. Final Focus ™ consultants will provide critiques and offer next steps in the development of skills to carefully craft the foundation of confidence, strategy and application models that can be implemented in any setting. Final Focus ™ shares strategies and develops skills that clients will use in every aspect of their career, now and in the future.

Our clients seek our services to help them articulate and advance a critical message or to develop the necessary skills to communicate with ease, clarity and persuasion. The skills that are honed in our sessions are designed to become part of the client's new way of approaching advocacy and organizing the way they present their message. For a political candidate and their team, every message communicated is part of an informal debate, where stakeholders establish arguments, which weaves together a position that becomes associated with their client's campaign vision and message.

Recognizing that a campaign consists of debate-type scenarios, whether formal or informal, is vital to bolstering a candidate's image and facilitating their responsiveness to adversity, hostility and even agreeable audiences. No candidate, or individual, will accomplish their objectives by winning over one type of audience. Crafting a message and articulating it persuasively to diverse demographics, generations and political groups is imperative.


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